7 Chakras or Spiritual Centers


Your Seven Spiritual Centers

Edgar Cayce often pointed to the endocrine glands -seven of them specifically-to teach a fascinating lesson in the integrity of the consciousness of the human body by relating those seven glands to the mystical spiritual centers that are known in the Eastern religions as chakras.

The endocrine glands are both physical and spiritual. Each has a mind of its own, which directs the hormonal output into the bloodstream and the neurological impulses into the nervous system.

The seven glands seem to have a vortex arising out of them. Some researchers think that this energy originates in the body while others feel it is actually drawn into the body through the sensitive areas.

The seven centers might be shown as small circles within a large circle. In this way, relationships could be symbolized and better understood. We could imagine the seven centers as seven members of a family five children with the mother and father.

Now, if there were only the two parents to consider, there would be just to relationships. To carry this analogy a bit further, we can see that when the parents have a child, the number of relationships magnifies. Each member of the family suddenly has two other people to deal with. This totals six relationships.



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So a family with seven members each of the seven has to deal with six different relationships. Now we have 42 total relationships and a family.

Since the spiritual/glandular centers have consciousness, and since each of the seven is related to the other six through the nervous system and the hormones in the blood, and probably also in consciousness, it becomes obvious that each human being is a group of amazing consciousnesses inside his being every one of them different because of past history and experience. The emotions, the attitudes, their responses, the feelings all are different for each center; work differently in any given situation.

I have off than thought, in trying to understand these emotional patterns better, that the seven centers might be regarded as living creatures, moving and shifting relationships in the air as their color and activity changes, somewhat like the vision in the first chapter of Ezekiel.

It is also known that the most powerful chemicals created in the body come from these endocrine glands. What this means in ordinary language is that a gland such as the adrenal is a functional link between the hormones it releases and the nerve impulses it creates or receives. Very powerful and very important.

The glands identified by the Cayce readings as also being spiritual centers in the human body are the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, adrenals, Leydig cells, and the gonads.

The pituitary is considered the master gland and is attached to the base of the brain. The pineal is also located under the brain, slightly higher geographically than the pituitary. Metaphysically, the pineal is considered to be man’s third eye. The thyroid is located in the neck, and the four other glands/centers are found below the level of the shoulders. The thyroid is understood to be the site of the power to choose. The thymus is found in a part of the chest, in front of and above the heart. It is known as the director of the immune system, and called the heart center in the Cayce readings. The adrenal glands are paired and located one on top of each of the kidneys they are called the fight/flight glands because of their activity when the body is faced with any sort of an emergency or challenge, and constitute one of the major influences in the activity of the Sympathetic nervous system.

The so-called Leydig cells are an accumulation of Leydig cells in the male and hilar cells in the female. The hilar cells are found in the ovaries while the Leydig cells are cells located in the tissues of the testes surrounding the sperm bearing cells and are responsible for secreting testosterone into the bloodstream.  The hilar cells in the female are considered to be the counterpart of the cells of the leydig. The seventh of the glandular centers is the gonads the paired testicles in the male and the ovaries and the female. They are very important in that they make it possible to continue the species of man.

Lord's Prayer and Chakras

Edgar Cayce, famed American trance channel known to many as The Sleeping Prophet, taught through his readings that the lines of The Lord’s Prayer in fact correlated with the seven major chakras, and stated that the recitation of and meditation upon this prayer was a way by which an individual might bring these chakras into health and balance.

The following breaks down the lines of the prayer as well as the specific chakras they impact. I have color-coordinated each line based on the color associated with the chakra to which it relates, in order to facilitate visualization during meditation.


The Lord’s Prayer For Chakra Health

Our Father, which art in heaven (correlates with third-eye chakra, 6th, indigo)

hallowed be thy  name (correlates with crown chakra, 7th, violet)

thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. (correlates with the throat chakra, 5th, blue)

Give us this day our daily bread (correlates with with root chakra, 1st, red)

And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors (correlates with the solar plexus chakra, 3rd, yellow)

And lead us not into temptation (correlates with navel chakra, 2nd, orange)

But deliver us from evil. (correlates with the heart chakra, 4th, green)

For thine is the kingdom (correlates with the throat chakra, 5th, blue)

and the power (correlates with the crown chakra, 7th, violet)

and the glory forever. (correlates with the third eye chakra, 6th, indigo)

Cayce learned the true interpretation of the Bible. According to Cayce, the Bible is the symbolic account of the fall of the human soul from its divine origins (as symbolically described in the Book of Genesis) and restoration of the human soul to heaven (as symbolically described in the Book of Revelation). In other words, Genesis is the symbolic testimony of humanity’s fall from heaven and paradise lost. Revelation is the symbolic testimony of humanity’s restoration to heaven and paradise regained.

Cayce’s references to the Christ, the Christ consciousness and the Mind of Christ has little to do with the personality known as Jesus. Cayce revealed that Jesus became the Christ – a full manifestation of the Christ consciousness – the perfect union of the human with the divine. It is God’s desire for all of humanity to become Christs (or Buddhas if you live in the East). Such a condition will truly bring the Kingdom of God to the Earth. Cayce revealed that the Book of Revelation is the symbolic story of how humanity in general (and a human in particular) attains this manifestation of the divine.

Cayce Interpretation:  The seven churches and the seven seals represent the seven spiritual centers (i.e., chakras) of the body where the physical, mental and spiritual forces all come together.

Anyone who can regain control of these spiritual centers within their bodies can access the superconscious mind and never need to reincarnate again (Revelation 3:12).




7 Chakras Energy Healing Self Healing or Energy Healing Your Chakras

Although the readings are easily accessible, searching for specific information can require a bit of finesse. With some of the readings being over 100 years old, it can be daunting to find information on current medical conditions. Just because a word or phrase is not searchable in the readings, does not mean there is no information on that topic.

A perfect example is “chakra.” There is extensive information in the readings regarding chakras, but you will not find the word “chakra” in any of them. Cayce referred to chakras as spiritual centers within the body. The word chakra was not a common word during his time. With this in mind, I find it easier to search for symptoms or terms rather than specific names.


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