The Basic Diet

On this page, the Basic Cayce Diet is recommended for healing and health maintenance for most people. These diet concepts provide a framework for meal planning. Below you can download and print the Basic Diet Sheet which can be used to remind you to follow the diet. Put it in a conspicuous place in the kitchen (i.e., on the refrigerator using magnets).

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Edgar Cayce frequently emphasized the importance of maintaining a proper acid-alkaline balance by eating mostly alkaline forming foods. A comprehensive list of foods is included in this section. The following summary will give you a quick overview of acid and alkaline-forming foods.

Alkaline-Forming Foods (80% of the daily diet should contain these foods):

All vegetables except dried beans, lentils, asparagus tips, and garbanzos.
All fresh fruits except cranberries, plums, olives, prunes, and blueberries (preserves and canned fruits are usually acid-forming).
Almonds, chestnuts, Brazil nuts, and hazelnuts.

Acid-Forming Foods (20 % of the daily diet should contain these foods):

All meats except beef juice and bone meal.
All grains, cereals, and bakery products except for soybeans.
All dairy except buttermilk, yogurt, raw milk and whey.
Peanuts, pecans, and walnuts.

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Certain food combinations are difficult to digest and may cause problems in the digestive system. Here is a brief list of food combinations to avoid:

  • Two or more starchy foods at the same meal
  • Sugary foods and starchy foods
  • Milk and citrus fruit or juice, in fact at different ends of the day
  • Cereals and citrus fruit or juice
  • Large quantities of starchy foods with meat or cheese
  • Coffee with milk or cream
  • Raw apples with other foods
  • Ice cream is far preferable to pie, which combines starches and sweets.


Using the laminated BASIC DIET sheet as a guide, develop of the variety of daily menus which suit your taste and conform to the dietary principles if this section. Here is a simple outline for a typical day’s menu:


Either citrus fruit or cooked or dry cereal.


Raw vegetable salad with dressing or fruit salad.


Steamed vegetables served with fish, poultry or lamb.


Proper food preparation is important to preserve nutrients and avoids toxicity. Here are some suggestions:

  • Steam vegetables in their own juices (i.e., patapar paper)
  • Never fry foods
  • Use fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits whenever possible.
  • Avoid aluminum cookware.


Edgar Cayce stated that even the nutritious foods can turn poison into the system if eaten while a person is a negative frame of mind. Never eat when angry, worried or extremely tired.

Note: The above information is not intended for self-treatment. Please consult a qualified health care professional.

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