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Edgar Cayce Cures contains 12 of the most recommended natural home holistic remedies and alternative therapies from the Edgar Cayce readings. Each alternative therapy and holistic medicine is displayed in an easy to follow format including a picture with a description on how to use these Edgar Cayce all natural cures based on the Edgar Cayce readings from Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment).

Violet Ray Treatments

Discover the many ways Edgar Cayce recommended the Violet Ray for holistic alternative therapy.

The Violet Ray is just one of the several electrical appliances recommended in the over 9000 Edgar Cayce health related readings.

Akashic Records Journal

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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records hold all the information about your Soul since it’s beginning.

You can explore and learn so much about your relationships with yourself and others.


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  • Violet Ray

    Violet Ray

    This Violet Ray unit is one of the best pain relievers ever. It is so easy to use and it leaves me relaxed and pain-free. I can actually feel my blood flowing good in areas that were restricted and in agonizing pain before I used it. You need to use it as directed (time wise) so you don’t burn it out, but other than that, it’s very simple. You can’t beat the value and it is way better than using drugs that can be toxic to your organs. It works great for removing blemishes off your face too. I follow what the book by Barb Anderson says to do and I have to say it’s incredible. This very affordable healing tool was money very well spent. Thank you to Barb for bringing this awesome device into my life.

    Bob M., Milwaukee, WI
  • Violet Ray

    Violet Ray

    Love my product! Works awesome! Thank you so much!

    4 PC violet ray
  • Violet Ray

    Violet Ray

    We both really like some of the effects we have seen with this wand and now don’t want to be without.  

  • Violet Ray

    Violet Ray

    The violet ray really works especially for pain and sinuses.

  • Violet Ray

    Violet Ray

    My mother was in constant back pain and could not stand straight. In fact, she was using a wheelchair to get around. She started using this violet ray and while using it for ten minutes each on her back and legs. My mother is not in constant pain and she can now walk to the neighborhood restaurant without the wheelchair. 

  • Violet Ray

    Violet Ray

    A couple weeks ago I tripped over my garden hose and landed hard on knees and hands(thank goodness for my line dancing).  I immediately washed the areas and applied the wand. I think I have healed faster than I normally would have without the wand. 

  • Violet Ray

    Violet Ray

    We ordered the Violet Ray & its working great & we are getting wonderful results so far.


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4 pc Violet Ray

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