Edgar Cayce Atlantis Stone Larimar Healing

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Larimar was discovered in 1974,  a volcanic blue pectolite found in the Dominican Republic.

Larimar is referred to the Atlantis Stone because Edgar Cayce foretold of a blue gemstone with incredible healing properties and that it would be discovered in the Carribean Sea. Cayce claimed that this stone had incredible healing qualities and that it not only that its origin was Atlantis, but it might be the terrible crystal that leads to Atlantis destruction. Larimar, the Atlantis stone with it’s connection to Atlantis and as an important tool in the Atlanteans healing work. 


Larimar Pendants



Edgar Cayce (The Sleeping Prophet) answered questions while in a trance state that concerned healing, the future, reincarnationpast lives and Atlantis. There are about 14,000 recorded Cayce readings.
Cayce strongly believed in the existence of Atlantis and it is believed that Larimar is actual pieces of Atlantis. 
Larimar is one of the most powerful healing stones on our planet.
How to use the healing properties of Larimar. Wear the stone to always keep its balancing energy within your auric field or you could meditate with it.
Or you could use visualization and gaze on the beautiful blue color simply hold the larimar in your hands and let your mind go.
Or by wearing larimar you will have access to the stone at any time. It can help you gain greater wisdom as well as unlock Larimar’s metaphysical properties while wearing it.
Larimar can help you release things like negative attachments, fear, and resentment. Using Larimar can also help you find a better balance, assist you to calm yourself and relieve stress. You could simply hold or place the larimar against a place you might be having pain and the larimar will help relieve the pain.
Larimar can:
  • soothe your energies, as it takes away negative entities and attachments
  • has a strong healing vibe that cools emotions
  • removes energy blockages in the neck, head and throat area
  • helps with depression and bipolar disorders 
  • enhances creativity
  • lessens the critical side of mind to a more open heart
  • bridges the true self to a higher purpose
Meditate by holding the Larimar stone and your spiritual path will be defined, shedding light on your sense of purpose. It is said to aid in aid ascension and clear pathways.

Larimar is soothing, calming and is associated with the throat chakra due to its cool blue color. Larimar has a distinct vibration that is centered in the throat chakra but can felt in the heart chakra upwards when in contact with the body. When you hold larimar to the heart chakra, it can assist in unblocking emotional pain for the user.

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