The Vibrational Energy of Gemstones

Cayce wrote about the ways in which gemstones enhance the vibrational energies of their wearers by interacting with the vibrational patterns naturally found in the human body. The stones draw in and give off positive energy.

Here are some of the various gemstones and their properties, according to the teachings of Edgar Cayce:

Lapis Lazuli and azurite arouse great passions and enhances the body’s ability to allow emotional energy to flow through the body and activate the influences of the spiritual self. The green aspect of lapis lazuli also relates to creativity and healing.

Pearl can be used for protective purposes. Because it is the result of difficulties and irritations, it fosters the ability to build resistance to life’s problems. The influence of water and the vibrations of the sea also lend the pearl a healing and creative aspect. It is often even more effective when combined with jade, especially in regard to the power to change the wearer’s mood.

Jade and pearl combined can powerfully promote calmness and a sense of peace and tranquility.

Rose or pink coral has the ability to transform disturbing thoughts or emotions and thus has a calming effect. The rose tint and water aspect combine to produce a sense of inner quiet and resistance to turmoil.

The Ruby and Bloodstone have powerful vibratory forces that can enhance constructive creativity in the wearer. Electrical forces emanate from the copper base and the purity of the higher vibration.

Bloodstone is particularly effective for quelling anger and bringing harmony to the wearer. Ruby and bloodstone can also impart strength and courage.

The Opal is known for its ability to foster intensity and passion.

The Fire Opal especially encourages understanding and purification, leading to the unity of the mental and spiritual selves. Opals, because of their fiery nature, should not be worn by those who have aura colors that correspond to fire signs.

The Amethyst can induce visions and channel healing power. Amethyst enhances meditation and helps to control a fiery temper.

The Moonstone imparts strength and also enables the wearer to keep what is important to them even closer, as part of his or her mental and spiritual consciousness. Moonstone helps the wearer to achieve peace and harmony and to enhance the wearer’s spiritual tendencies.

Topaz is valued for its beauty, purity, and clarity, and serves to enhance the strength of the wearer.

Edgar Cayce predicted that a “blue stone” with extraordinary healing attributes would be found on “an island in the Caribbean” where he believed part of Atlantis could be found. In 1974 a volcanic blue pectolite named Larimar was discovered in the Dominican Republic.

Larimar is also called the Atlantis Stone. Many believe that the colors of Larimar also represent a connection to Atlantis, and use this stone as as an important tool in their healing work.

For best results, choose a stone that harmonizes well with your aural and astrological aspects and wear it next to the skin, either around the neck or around the wrist.

The Crystals of Atlantis

Cayce also wrote about the Atlanteans’ use of crystals – “there was the creating of the high influence of radial activity from rays of the sun that were turned on crystals in the pits that made connections with internal influences of the earth.”

The Atlanteans used crystals to obtain power and to amplify the natural energies of the earth and sun. Special magnetic properties allow crystals to radiate more energy than they receive. The Atlanteans used firestone to produce power and magnify energy. Firestone worked to magnify the force of vibrations that traveled through its prisms. Only initiates of the ancient wisdom were allowed to practice the preparation and use of firestone. Giant crystals often graced the lower levels of Atlantean temples. Atlantean priests were initiated in the production and use of firestone, and even traveled to Egypt, where as part of their mission to establish commercial, mental, and spiritual ties with other lands, they passed on much of their knowledge of precious metals and gemstones.

While Cayce was very much in tune with the Atlantean past, he also wrote extensively about karma, which he described as a universal law of cause and effect that offered humanity numerous opportunities for spiritual growth. While each individual has subconscious access to the memories and experiences of his or her past lives, he or she must also overcome negative emotions and energies that interfere with the ability to access those memories and experiences.

Cayce believed that we are associated with people we have known in past lives and many of our problems are the result of our actions in past lives. Thus, the manner in which we live and encounter our problems has a huge impact on our future selves.

Edgar Cayce was also a fervent believer in holistic healing, and understood that all healing – physical, mental, and spiritual – could be greatly enhanced by a positive awareness of the divine nature of each atom and every cell in the human body. Cayce’s approach to health involved remedies and formulae based on natural herbs and foods, correct nutrition and exercise, massage therapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, and of course, the proper use of gemstones to enhance certain positive emotions and to generate beneficial energy flows in the wearer.

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