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The Akashic Records hold all the information about your Soul since it’s beginning.

You can explore and learn so much about your relationships with yourself and others.

The Ascended Masters, your spirit guides and loved ones; your Record Keepers will help guide you through the Akashic Records to retrieve the answers to the questions you ask at each session. These Divine beings are always on your side and are eager to assist you. They will wait until you contact them and ask for their help and they will guide you lovingly to receive those answers.


You can obtain information from your Akashic Records by asking the questions that you want to process. and they will be answered as you are ready to know. What I mean by ready to know is, you will not be given any information or answers to your questions before you are ready to know it. So do not fear that you will learn something that will cause you a problem to know now, you will only learn what you are ready for in Divine right time. This kind of therapy is different, there is no fear, only enlightenment.

You will find as you record each Akashic Record experience that you will learn more information as you progress in experience. That is another great reason to journal your experiences When you go back and read from the beginning of the journal, you will see the growth of life experience. You will retrieve tools and messages that support the journey and to aid the healing process. This kind of therapy can unlock and awaken your spiritual gifts that lay dormant

There is a great potential to heal core issues by applying what you learn, the energy shifts and the healing process takes place. You must set the intent to do the inner work when using the Akashic Records to heal. When the intent is clear that you are ready to heal your life, the opportunity for growth begins when spirit responds to your requests. Self discovery, personal growth, and spiritual growth all important parts of this healing process while recording your experiences in this journal. You can heal another piece of yourself each time you visit your Akashic Records.

So go into your Akashic Records, explore, uncover core issues and record the experience by journaling. Remember that this process is the physical bodies way to retain the experiences and the healing process.

This kind of healing process is not always easy but is always worth it.

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